My latest obsession is surf-skating, it’s a type of skateboard that is designed with a front reticulating truck so it behaves like a surfboard. This enables you to pump and turn aggressively generating your own speed without putting your feet on the ground and make any piece of pavement into a perfect peeling wave.

I guess considering it is a niche market it’s not surprising that a lot of the leading brands like Smoothstar, Carver, YOW are pretty expensive. You could buy a half decent surfboard for the same price.

Luckily there is an Australian brand, Surfoplane, which makes ?reasonably priced version. Surfoplain also seems to have some crazy surf pedigree, and claims to be the original surf company that made their way in the market with the surfmat in 1933. (They are like blowup boogie boards with handles.)

My younger brother drove out to dandenong the other day to pick one up. Then we had a play on it yesterday when he came to visit for the afternoon. It is exactly what I have been dreaming of, It is so much fun. It is difficult and challenging to pickup but liberating and exhilarating. It feels exactly the way surfing should feel but I never get enough time on waves to get good at. My hope is that I can get to my 10,000 hours of practice a lot quicker now I can literally do it at my doorstep in any dry conditions.

PS this is a crazy workout and is literally a full body experience. I am quite sore today.

Almost there – I can do anything for a month

Things that suck when you are vegan are, going out for food, when other people have to prepare food for you and asking for alternatives, when you are pouring cornflakes with milk for your daughter and you want to have a big swig of milk to wash down your peanut butter toast, or when your desperate for a snack and everyone is eating cheese and salami. ?Also almost every dip/condement except hummus contains milk or egg (I have eaten a lot of hummus and rice crackers this month)

While visiting my in-laws the other day 螕喂伪纬喂? ?(Yay谩 – Greek for most loved woman in the family, aka Grandma ?:p) ?made me a special vegan ?纬蔚渭喂蟽蟿? (Yemist谩 – Stuffed vegetables). The dish usually has a meat, vegetable and rice stuffing, but it is just as delicious without the meat.

I recently had a go at making some vegan burgers the other day, they were very tasty in their own right, but I can’t really compare them to a burger containing meat and dairy (The patty is made from brown rice, black beans, walnuts and spices and looks like a legit beef patty). The combination of charred meat with melted cheese, egg mayo, and sauce is magical and I won’t stop eating it. Although it can definitely just be a sometimes food. Maybe only once a day :p

I am definitely seeing that my diet can contain a lot less meat, most snacks can be fruit, nuts and whole grain crackers. Most regular meals can be vegetarian pasta or rice or roast veggie medley. Meat can be saved for outings and special-ish occasions.

PS I’m looking forward to having a beer as well. I had better start planning my celebratory meal. Burgers and beers I reckon, lucky I have lots of homebrew waiting for me in the garage ??

Jet lag and time off

Sorry for the hiatus, as I don’t have my long distraction free commute to write and I’ve been busy living my life. Lol

On that note, this is going to be short and sweet.

Working and then recovering from nightshift is a constant battle of exhaustion. It is like being jet lagged and is just an awful experience. I get paid penalties and get a lot of days off afterwards, but if I never worked nightshift again I’d be very happy.

In my days off we have been spending a lot of time at the beach. My daughter is totally fearless and runs head on into the waves and is not worried about the cold water at all. She is so excited to go and never wants to leave. I am pumped to be having Thursday’s off to go and get swimming lessons together so one-day she’ll be out surfing with me in the big waves out the back.


30 day habit/90 day lifestyle

They say a habit is formed in 30 days and a lifestyle is formed in 90 days.

I don’t think this is necessarily true because you need an underlying motivation to maintain the habit to become a lifestyle. I have not trialed veganism with the intention of becoming a devout participant because I know my motivation is not sufficient to maintain for the rest of my life.

I love animals, and value life; I would always avoid knowingly wasting a life. If an animal is going to lose its life for my meal I will always try to do it justice and eat as much of it as possible and make it as enjoyable and nourishing to eat as I can.

My motivation is really just to test myself, my discipline, help improve my health and well-being, and to have a taste of an alternative lifestyle.

It is also said, eating bacon tastes better than having a six pack feels. Whether you like it or not, I find this statement to be 100% true. Although I may not make a complete change to my lifestyle I can see it changing as a result of my new developing habit, a?side affect of this experiment has already got my considering vegan meal options as a staple instead of always needing meat in my meal. But it will not see me abstaining from all non-plant based food for the rest of my life.

Vegan commuting snack and nightshift sleeping

I have this odd but effective tactic of sleeping when working a nightshift. By the time I m finished work I am utterly exhausted and there is often not a train that leaves right away so I make use of the sleeping quarters I ?have available at work to get a good chunk of my required sleep complete before heading home.

The reason I find it effective is it is pitch black and with the fan on full blowing at me the white noise and cooling effect it has means I sleep soundly until I need to go to the bathroom. Usually about midday, ?at which point I get up and jump on the train.

Today I had a bit of time before my train left so I stopped at the supermarket and grabbed some delicious vegan snacks.

When I got home, as my wife and I had promised our daughter, we jumped in the car and head to the beach for a much needed summer swim. It wasn’t overly hot but luckily we recently got her a smashing pink wetsuit so we got to play in the water for about an hour before she was borderline hypothermic.

Then I got another 2.5 hours of shuteye before heading back to work. One of the benefits of night shift is the train is almost empty so I can do some stretches without upsetting anyone.

Cute dogs

I wanted to write a bit about my dogs and their instinctive flexibility and regular stretching routine. But all Minnie wanted to do today was sun bake. She absolutely loves just sitting in the scorching sun.

I’m also feeling really fatigued and brain dead as I am currently working night shift. I think. I’m just going to watch some Netflix or listen to a podcast.

Veganism is going well, I’m basically just eating fried rice, toast with tomato, smoothies, cornflakes with coconut milk, pumpkin curry’s, lots of fruit and nuts, coffee and tea.

Now I’m going to listen to a podcast and use my backnobber to release some muscle tension in my neck and shoulders.

Instagram anxiety

My wife just got back onto IG, she is hoping to promote her sense for fashion, design and all things aesthetically pleasing.

I don’t want to put words into her mouth, as I’m sure she might want to write about it herself, but I do have an idea of why she has been absent from social media.

I don’t think I’m alone when I share my thoughts on how soul sucking social media can be. It is like a newborn baby, always crying for your attention and needing to be fed and changed and clothed. At least with a baby, you get to cuddle it, play with it and it gives you smiles and cuddles back. Social media never seems to satisfy your human needs, you can never get enough likes, comments or reposts and it leaves you feeling empty.

That being said it is now a critical part of networking, brand promotion and daily communication that it can’t be ignored. It just takes some careful consideration to quell the constant cry for consumption.

My social media advice: User beware, give yourself time limits, put the phone down, use a real camera so you are disconnected, don’t use it in the presence of real people, only post once a day, turn off notifications, use it to make contact with people then switch communication platforms.

For those vegan heads I hada delicious coconut, pumpkin curry that my 螡慰蠀谓? made for me and my family today. Yummy 😋

Surfing or just getting wet?

I live very near to some of the best surf beaches in the world. My cousin and my brother came over this morning to go have a surf. We have all been doing it for most of our lives on and off and can manage all right in light conditions.

Today was a different story, we went to a place where we haven’t been before and the waves were bona-fide enormous. Well over our heads and in some cases almost double.

I battled my way through the huge waves to get out the back and then after crapping myself a few times, I had a go at catching some of the smaller waves before being belted back into shore by a massive set.

It was literally just constant paddling and near drowning. Are Barker put it best when he said instead of surfing he’d rather just drink a bucket of ocean water and getting his friends to bash him over the head with driftwood.

Luckily no injuries today, but I am psyched to get back into the swing of it and get out more regularly. Hopefully I’ll be riding giants soon enough.

Just for all of your skeptics, surfing is 100% vegan. I even had a banana as a recovery snack!


We’ve been having a lot of trouble with our laundry washing machine, it wasn’t spinning properly during the cycle and it just seemed to go on forever. ?We just got a new one delivered today and already I’m hooked, the LED screen with countdown timer is very satisfying, and it actually spins!

I’ve been told by my brother, I have to talk more about my current veganism. So current news is, ?I just made the family a vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise which was a big success, my daughter kept insisting I put parmesan on it. A hard thing to say no to her, but I resisted.